Name School Cost Mana Type Effect Rarity Set
Cyclone Air 4 4 Ongoing Enchant line. Until your next turn: Creatures of the enchanted line can't attack. When Cyclone enters the battleground, deal 1 damage to all creatures of the enchanted line Common Basic
Grounded Air 2 2 Instant Return all flyer creatures to their owners' hands Uncommon
Father Sky's Wrath Air 5 5 Instant Return target enemy creature to its owner's hand, then deal 6 damage to all enemy flyer creatures Rare Void Rising
Lifting Wind Air 3 3 Instant Target 2 friendly creatures and exchange their positions. New positions must be valid Common
Lightning Bolt Air 4 4 Instant Deal 6 damage to target creature Common Basic
Sand Storm Air 3 3 Ongoing Until your next turn: Enemy melee and flyer creatures can't attack Rare
Storm Wind Air 2 3 Instant Relocate target enemy creature to another valid battleground position Uncommon
Wind Shield Air 1 1 Ongoing Enchant creature. Permanent: Enchanted creature receives half damage from shooter creatures, rounded down Common Basic
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